Butcher Shop

 Fresh products and warranty

In our meat and pork products stores you can find high quality manufactured goods, from our own manufacturing and from the best trademarks of our country, packed with the best european standards on hygiene and conservation. We offer a wide brand of products like: meat from ostrich, deer and wild boar. Chesse, olive oil, frozen food and bread are other products that you can fin in our stores.

 Quality and Labeling

Our speciality in our meat and pork products stores is our care in selection and preparation. We demand from our suppliers the best european and spanish standards in sanitary-hygiene and labeling. We are producers and distributors so we know exactly what our customers demand.

 Exquisite Customer service

Our primary objective is to provide exquisite service to our customers, for that, we have experienced and skilled professionals who serve in our stores. Our professional butchers offer kindness and know-how at the time of preparing the products that make our flesh has a special flavor

Pork Products

 Own Manufacturing

We are manufacturers, so we can offer the best price. Familia Piernas manufactures at its facility in Baza (Granada) a wide range of sausages that are sold directly to consumers in our butcheries. Many of our products, such as cured ham, is offering customers a unique market price.

Steps to cut cured ham

  • The ham should be eaten in this order: maza, punta and contramaza. If you follow that order, you will enjoy the best at all times.

  • It should be cutted into small and very thin slices.

  • Use a long thin knife and very sharp, being careful never put the other hand in front of the cutting direction.

  • It is better to eat the ham at room temperature, it will have better taste and more aroma.

  • The ham bark should be gradually cuttting, as it is consumed, to prevent drying.

  • The cutting area will always be protected with bacon from the same ham or with paper towels

  • Store it in a dry, airy, stable at room temperature, covered with a cloth that is not too dense

  • It is not a good idea to cut more ham you are going to consume.

  • Segureño Lamb

     The best lamb in the world

    Segureño sheep, a breed native to the northern mountains of Granada, is adapted to arid and cold climate of the Altiplano area of Granada, where shepherds still practice transhumance and move their herds in search of better pastures, crossing long distances to find. These harsh conditions make lamb segureño has great taste and texture very special.

     Iberian Sheeps

    In our butchers you can find segureño lamb of the best quality, selected by our specialists. You should not lose the opportunity to test it.

    Cutting guide - Beef

      1. Costillas primeras / segundas

      2. Llana. Espaldilla

      3. Costillar

      4. Falda

      5. Pescuezo

      6. Aguja Llana

      7. Lomo ancho / estrecho

      8. Lomo

      9. Tapa. Andresilla, Debajo Andresilla, 1/4 trasera, Grosella negra

      10. Morcillo. Morcillo con hueso, Parte nerviosa de la andresilla. Solomillo. Babilla

    Cutting guide - Pig

      1. Jamón

      2. Cinta de Lomo. Chuletas con solomillo. Costillas

      3. Centro de Chuleta. Chuleteros primeras, segundas. Lomos primeras, segundas

      4. Chuletas de Cabezada. Centro de chuletero con aguja. Chuletilla de lomo

      5. Paleta

      6. Costillar / panceta

      E. Entraña

    Cutting guide - Lamb

      1. Pierna

      2. Costillar / Falda

      3. Chuletas primeras / Chuletas segundas

      4. Chuletas

      5. Cuello

      6. Falda parte alta

      7. Brazuelo. Paletilla